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DEAD DOZEN Alpha 1 is out now!

This announcement is no longer active


Hello everyone! 


Thank you for your patience and for your support, this day has come, Alpha-1 is available!
Our team continues to develop DEAD DOZEN. Follow the news.

Fntastic Team

Download links:


At the first start of the game, the validation window of your Steam activation key will open. You will need to enter the key sent earlier to your email, which you indicated when buying the game on our site, or on the Humble Bundle. In case you encounter any problems with validating the key, please write to our e-mail at info@fntastic.com.

Known bugs and their solutions:

* In the server browser, the number of players on servers may not be displayed correctly
* When entering the already created game, a lobby may open, which looks like an unbegun game. In this case, you need to wait for the further loading of the game
* When entering the already created game, the map can be loaded, but only the interior of the location will be displayed on the screen, without an interface. In this case, you need to wait for the further loading of the game
* When the game is created, each player waits for the loading of other players, while the display shows "Waiting for players". Depending on the technical characteristics of the players' PCs, the loading may take a long time
* In some cases, during the "Waiting for players", the exit to the pause menu may not work
* When the host leaves the server, sometimes the migration of the server may be incorrect, in which case you will need to re-create the server
* In the server browser, you can see phantom servers that do not already exist. When you connect to them, the game will hang on "Waiting for players"
* At the start of the game, loss of character control is possible, in this case press "ESC" and then "Continue"

The best solution to fix bugs is to restart the game client.

Have a good hunting!