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  2. Seoshi

    Extra keys

    Just checked my spam folder and can't find it. Any chance I would have it re-sent? Djbroussard288@yahoo.com
  3. ejmult

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  4. Hi Drakorle, Sorry, our team member refused to issue you an extra key by mistake. I sent you an extra key.
  5. wilded

    Extra keys

    Hi guys. To all who submitted the application we sent the keys. Check the spam folder.
  6. Seoshi

    Extra keys

    Hey Wilded. I never received that key.
  7. Earlier
  8. The devs left the game, you wont get that key sadly...
  9. Tolgrath

    DEAD DOZEN Event!

    Click HERE for more info on the event. Thank you, Tolgrath 🙂
  10. Tolgrath

    DEAD DOZEN Event!

    Click HERE for more info on the event. Thank you, Tolgrath 🙂
  11. mrmoul

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  12. bgrunes14

    Connecting screen

    I am also getting the same thing. tried pinging the servers and all the packets were lost. Also checked windows defender and nothing came up
  13. Привет всем я столкнулся с такой проблемой,что в пирамиде 4 на меня набежала толпа я убил их и потом снова и снова и снова и тд кончились патроны и я cдался,да и при включение меню настройки она на английском языке.Я бы показал бы это всё на стриме но боюсь здесь делится нельзя а если можно я кину ссылку и все сами увидите.
  14. Алексей

    Баги, проблемы, недоделки в игре.

    Новости то будут?
  15. Hello, I didn't received the extra key for buying the game at the full price, despite I filled and submitted the form with the correct informations before the limit date (my key is: 8Q36A-2M79L-J6ZHT ). Also, i tried to contact you on discord, with no answer yet. Can you please take a look and tell me if there was an issue with the mail (bla******@live.fr) or anything else. Thank you.
  16. Hello all players and Devs There are quite a few Dead Dozen steam groups out there, which is doing nothing but splitting the community up into smaller communities. Therefore, I request / suggest the following: The Dev team creates an official Steam group for Dead Dozen that we can all join and that they can advertise as the official group; or We vote on the current Dead Dozen groups to choose an official group. Personally I don't mind which way we move forward but I do think it will help players find each if we are all in one group and not 10. Let me know which method you would prefer. However, in the interim, those looking for a group can join the one I created: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/dddzn Thank you, Tolgrath :)
  17. To see how I completed the escape more WITHOUT using weapons, taking damage or me killing any ghouls; check out my… https://t.co/BH9H44VZ7Q

  18. RT @jlist: KonoSuba's Aqua in a nutshell. https://t.co/ivkpvztZ70

  19. d33p

    Extra keys

    Hello Wilded, please answer my mail that would be super net thank you LG Marcel
  20. @Ninja What do you think of this shot? https://t.co/DLtljkC0Di

  21. @3Oesterreich Super ZTE akku aus dem 3 Neo Router. Das hätte schlimm enden können. https://t.co/YVH17Fno0L

  22. TemplarBlack

    Battle Royale Mode and more.

    wow, yes i'm totally ok with that you say but for me, the dedied server is a priority, after it's new weapons or news classes and after news modes or maps
  23. RT @Lavemons: Art Raffle time! https://t.co/myHKv0Dz61

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