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      Official Discord server   02/16/2018

      We opened access to the official Discord server for all users. Join now!
    • wilded

      Steam Early Access   02/20/2018

      Hey guys! We have some important news for you: 1. We are pleased to announce Early Access on Steam, which will begin on March 7 at 8 pm PST!
      Los Angeles (March 7, 8 pm)
      London (March 8, 4 am)
      Tokyo (March 8, 1 pm)
      Moscow (March 8, 7 am) 2. We stop selling “FIRST INFECTED EDITION”, “SUPREME EDITION” and “4-PACK” from February 26! The game will be sold only on Steam from March 8 as a standard version (only Steam key). 3. Launch Trailer will be released next week. 4. Alpha 1 will end on February 26.


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    Отлично! Я думал что выход в Steam будет только через 2-4 месяца. Порадовали.
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    As I already said, we trust and believe in FNTASTIC. Happy Hunting!
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    Before we can play the first Alpha, me and a lot of players were desesperate and don't believe on you because of the multiples delay. But today, it's totally different. Each week we can note you're working hard to make the game better! You're doing a great job and I hope it could be an really good thing for the future of the game. Thanks for everything guys, I believe in you and in this project and I think you can have a solid player base with the Steam Early Access status ;)
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    aw man thats dope as hell man btw good ***** on this first update/patch the only problems i had with the game was the crashes and for the most part you fixed them amazing job loving the game !
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    Hey ! J'ai moi aussi utilisé l'invitation pour joindre le Discord ;) Si jamais vous êtes connecté dessus faites moi signe !
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    Что же, первая альфа вышла слишком сырой несмотря на переносы, но на то она и альфа. Желаю удачи разработчикам в создании игры, а игрокам терпения!