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  1. radiax

    Pushing Objects

    Adding an interaction/animation with objects could be a good solution :)
  2. radiax

    New weapons idea

    Yes good idea ! I prefer to have many WW1/WW2 weapons instead of modern weapons. And as it's old, it can sometimes jam/stem (like in FarCry 2).
  3. radiax

    it is possible to create a competition ?

    A competition ? This game wasn't finished yet and it wasn't made for any competitive game mode...
  4. radiax

    Steam Early Access

    Only 1 week left !!!
  5. radiax

    No "Add to cart" button on Steam?

    Hi ZipHiFi, as you can read on one of the announcements of the devs, you just have to wait the release of the game in Early Access. It's totaly normal if you can't buy the game now because they have closed the possibility to buy it from Humble Bundle, and the game isn't in Early Access for now. But it's not far, there was only week left before march 8th ;) And please next time, create your new topic in the apropriate section (here General Discussion)
  6. radiax

    Supreme Edition purchase issue

    Sorry but it's too late... The dev team probably have got the permission to sell Steam key until today, and have disabled the possibility to buy the game from humble bundle now. As resume, Steam and Humble Bundle are part of the process to buy the game, not only fntastic and that's why they can't give you the possibility to buy the game. You have to wait 8th march to buy it on Steam ;)
  7. radiax

    Supreme Edition

    Hey, no it's impossible, the only one solution is to refund your edition to buy the supreme ;)
  8. radiax

    Steam Early Access

    Which versions of the game we'll be able to buy on Steam ? And which price ?
  9. radiax

    Bigger nickname

    This is a temporary solution before the game was available on Steam. When it will be, the game will use your Steam nickname ;)
  10. radiax

    Steam Early Access

    Before we can play the first Alpha, me and a lot of players were desesperate and don't believe on you because of the multiples delay. But today, it's totally different. Each week we can note you're working hard to make the game better! You're doing a great job and I hope it could be an really good thing for the future of the game. Thanks for everything guys, I believe in you and in this project and I think you can have a solid player base with the Steam Early Access status ;)
  11. radiax

    Progress 19 - Alpha 1.1

    Same problem with Windows extraction tool, but it's working with Winrar ;)
  12. radiax

    cd key retrival

    Check your emails ;) and don't forget to create an Humble Bundle account to link The key with The account. It's easiest to find the key like that.
  13. radiax

    Props in general

    Good news, thanks!
  14. radiax

    Is it just me or...

    I launch the games evey day when I'm back from work, but in effet nobody is playing... So I leave the game... :'(
  15. radiax

    DEAD DOZEN Alpha 1 is out now!

    Dowloading The game is free until we need Steam to play, but you need to buy the game to get tour Steam key and launch the game.