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  1. KnightLight

    Item Duplication

    Good job! looks funny hahaha
  2. KnightLight

    Huge issues. What needs to be changed

    I feel they should rather add objectives in the future "kill 20" will get old fast... and you can already play that similar mode in CS:Source/CS:GO. Will be honest and say i was kind of expecting a "Alien" or "The Thing" vibe from the game. for the monster to wait for an opening to take out the humans one after another. But like many have mentioned its so far "Zombie mode" from earlier games. This may change in the future. i have high hopes.
  3. KnightLight

    Gameplay is boring

    I like the idea of spawning zombies as an ability. maybe spawn insects or something similar. Or ability to "gass" a room so the survivors must evacuate or else they will get infected/die from the gas. Instead of "Food" i would rather like bandages or something similar. lets kill off the "Ohh a chicken that god knows how long has been here and may be infected. lets eat it! <3" I like that there is not spammed ammo all over the place. Rather add the Meele weapons or very few explosives like grenades.
  4. KnightLight

    FPS Drops- Low FPS

    Running on a GTX 980 TI with no problem
  5. KnightLight

    Running is Weird

    Not important but the the "Human Ghouls" have clipping problem with the model. like their belt on the back melts in to the body. Again not important, just buggs me in any game that armor etc clips trough the character.
  6. KnightLight

    Twitch Streams

    At the end of the day its no different from TV. People love seeing assholes and idiots from afar. Rather then giving attention to people with actual content or something you could even learn from.
  7. KnightLight

    Has anyone got a successful match?

    I think a "smell" function or something similar would be nice. so you can get a "feeling" of where the last guy is. so people don't waste 10-15 min on finding the last guy.
  8. KnightLight

    The game is fun Good job.

    Glad you had a functioning match. tried to join a match for 2 hours with no luck. every server bugged in one way or another.
  9. KnightLight

    Lives and timer

    I would suggest making a "Surrender" Vote in case the match bugs out etc. too many matches got an invincible or invisible guy and everyone had to wait 20 MIN for it to end...
  10. KnightLight

    stuck staring at a barrel with fire

    not a single matched i joined worked
  11. KnightLight

    Product key says it is all ready in use

    In steam or the one from dropbox/googledrive?
  12. KnightLight

    dont have my key email anymore...

    Yeah i did the same thing. didn't link the key to my humble account so i thought it was lost
  13. KnightLight

    Has anyone got a successful match?

    Every game i joined had at least 1 invisible, 1 Invincible and 100% match would never end because the last human could not die. So i have had 0 matches that went like it should...
  14. KnightLight

    begginer and nn servers

    I dont think there are any dedicated servers, seems like people just host their own. judging by the name of the servers... haha
  15. KnightLight

    DEAD DOZEN Alpha 1 is out now!

    Why are there no dedicated severs?