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      Official Discord server   02/16/2018

      We opened access to the official Discord server for all users. Join now!
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      Steam Early Access   02/20/2018

      Hey guys! We have some important news for you: 1. We are pleased to announce Early Access on Steam, which will begin on March 7 at 8 pm PST!
      Los Angeles (March 7, 8 pm)
      London (March 8, 4 am)
      Tokyo (March 8, 1 pm)
      Moscow (March 8, 7 am) 2. We stop selling “FIRST INFECTED EDITION”, “SUPREME EDITION” and “4-PACK” from February 26! The game will be sold only on Steam from March 8 as a standard version (only Steam key). 3. Launch Trailer will be released next week. 4. Alpha 1 will end on February 26.


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  1. Players to play - ALL REGIONS

    If you have discord could you send me your nickname with the number so I can add you? :3
  2. Players to play - ALL REGIONS

    Oh thanks, that sounds pretty cool!! Sorry for making you check the time :< and thanks again :3 !
  3. Hello people, I decided to create a server in Europe. If someone happens to be online join. The server's name is "JoinMeBois"
  4. Players to play - ALL REGIONS

    I am in boi <3! Though... I am from Bulgaria and I don't really know the time difference, However if you could send me your discord or skype so we can find each other and play!
  5. Is it just me or...

    Yeah me too! You guys wanna make a server in discord or exchange nicknames so we can find each other and play whenever?
  6. It is very difficult pushing objects forward. Like there is something which is stopping them. If you could patch that, it would be pretty cool.
  7. Unofficial Discord Channel

    I joined :3 my name is the same as in here :3
  8. I'll be waiting for ye guys, I made a server in North America (as said in the Title) and the server name is joinmeinbravebattle (little cringy, but there was nothing else I could think of :D)
  9. Starting a new round - doesn't start XD

    No problems. happy to help!
  10. Like the title says. I played some as a ghoul and when the new round began, everyone picked a role, but when the time was up and the round was supposed to start no one moved and nothing happened, it even bugged, and I couldn't press anything in the menu, and had to restart the game.
  11. Hello Survivors & Ghouls!

    Sounds ok to me.
  12. Hello Survivors & Ghouls!

    When is it going to be released on steam, though? :3
  13. DEAD DOZEN Alpha 1 is coming

    I can't ... I've activated it in steam and now I can't play... Have fun guys.