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      Official Discord server   02/16/2018

      We opened access to the official Discord server for all users. Join now!
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      Steam Early Access   02/20/2018

      Hey guys! We have some important news for you: 1. We are pleased to announce Early Access on Steam, which will begin on March 7 at 8 pm PST!
      Los Angeles (March 7, 8 pm)
      London (March 8, 4 am)
      Tokyo (March 8, 1 pm)
      Moscow (March 8, 7 am) 2. We stop selling “FIRST INFECTED EDITION”, “SUPREME EDITION” and “4-PACK” from February 26! The game will be sold only on Steam from March 8 as a standard version (only Steam key). 3. Launch Trailer will be released next week. 4. Alpha 1 will end on February 26.


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  1. Gente para jugar

    Ehi os apetece quedar de alguna forma como escoger algun team en el chat oficial ?
  2. Progress Update 16 - Game Improvements

    nice we can do that whit the AK? like rainbow six?
  3. donde esta dead dozen?

    Pues acaban de decir que el 9 de febrero, entender que son 4 personas para un juego que puede acarrear muchos bugs. Y han dicho que directamente postearan lo que van a ir metiendo en el juego.
  4. Latest Announcement + VIDEO

    I want to play but i understand you guys, know how hard is doing your. Job i will be wait for the 9 of frebrary
  5. Buenas

    Pues parece que la Veta no va ha salir
  6. Buenas

    Buenas estaba esperando a la beta pero sobre que hora sera lanzada. Muchas gracias