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  1. Shadouze

    didnt get a key

    Should be on humble bundle, thats where they hosted the purchase
  2. Meaning: Have you played a full match without problems with a decent amount of players (Yet to see people play in a full lobby)
  3. Shadouze

    To all those who are defending the devs

    least with kingdom hearts 3 you'll actually get a reliable good game. KEK
  4. Shadouze

    To all those who are defending the devs

    I would dare say their "first impressions" were the delays. Kek
  5. Shadouze

    To all those who are defending the devs

    I second this. Honestly its the devs fault for a lack of a community manager, its bound to happen (Toxic behavoir) when the forums are quite extensive and when it comes to threads, the devs are in a niche with time they have barely anytime to check the forums, I got a warning for insulting a player 2-3 weeks ago by wilded. I'll still hound the devs but in no means am I doing it because "the games bad" its because there ***** poor communication. They even had a game before called "Deadly Eight" or whatever so you think they should know about releasing a game, and I THINK the game was in early access too.
  6. Just do it now, its so fucking bullshit with these delays
  7. Shadouze

    Oh look, another delay

    but why tho
  8. Shadouze

    Oh look, another delay

    God, all this waiting gonna give me a headache
  9. Shadouze

    Oh look, another delay

    I mean, I hope the games good, no doubt but I am sure everyones triggered by these delays
  10. Shadouze

    Oh look, another delay

    I am waiting for people to comment "ITS A ALPHA", that's such a dull statement, the delays have reached beyond 7 at this point I stopped counting
  11. Shadouze

    Twitch Streams

    Tolgrath keeps "sucking" off the devs by handing them empty thank yous filled with gifs and is so obvious trying to get his "brand" of a youtube channel and twitch channel out there. It was a controversial moment on the forums, you weren't here to see it
  12. Shadouze


    inb4 another delay, lol we are gonna get cucked
  13. Maybe because there core audience are under the PST Zone :thinking: