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    Item Duplication

    I just woke up and im like.... Did i write this? Its got so many grammar errors xD. Well for anyone who didnt make sense of that, ill be rewording it in this comment because i don't see a edit button on the post
  2. Cdf1008

    Item Duplication

    It was interesting to find that’s for sure.
  3. Cdf1008

    Item Duplication

    Hello! I have found a duplication bug with items, I have tested this with both Barricades and Med-kits and it causes this How its causes is when a player dies with a Medkit/Wood Plank in their hand they can press Q to drop it. While this doesnt not happen with Weapons we didnt have time to try it with Specialty or Class items. After about hundred or so medkits spawn it tanks the FPS. Finally when the Zombie that can do this dies he doesnt have access to do it again. You can ignore this part here if you have a idea for what causes this, im just going to be spit balling on the paragraph I think that when a player dies to become infected it still leaves what is in there hand. What makes me think that is because of another bug well known that can leave a gun in a persons hand. Then while still in a persons inventory it has a variable of 0 or a negative which is impossible on the engine so it sets it to MAX or infinite. I couldnt test because of the Frame rate spikes after the mass huge amount of lag Finally just for fun we went and saw how the gravity engine handles a bunch of entitys Here are the results :) If I set this up wrong somehow please let me know! Good luck fixing it!