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  1. i feel team killing should be a thing for the humans because what if there infected ? right? but teamkilling as a goul shouldnt it only opens the players to be annoyed and have a bad time with the game and next i feel the guns should be buffed or give them more dmg per shot i feel that its alittle borring for me to deal with the fact i NEED every one of my shots to land in my clip in ordder to kill 6-4 shots with rifles 6-8 with pistoles and lastly 1-2 shots with shot guns leaning more to one shot but you know this means that one guy can take on 2-3 guys at a time witch in my opion is fair. its not that fair when you have a really good gun that can only handle one goul at a time just makes the gouls alittle too stronge
  2. mikehoff890

    DEAD DOZEN Alpha 1 is out now!

    no your not i dont know why but i havent seen alot of people playing lattly makes me sad i freaking love this game
  3. mikehoff890

    Steam Early Access

    aw man thats dope as hell man btw good ***** on this first update/patch the only problems i had with the game was the crashes and for the most part you fixed them amazing job loving the game !
  4. mikehoff890

    Twitch Streams

  5. mikehoff890

    DEAD DOZEN Alpha 1 is out now!

    loving the game so far bit buggy but thats ok , making loads of videos on it and yeah keep up the work devs!!
  6. well i have some hope but every hour that goes by at this point i lose 15% of my respect and soon sorry but i just wont have anything to do with this game
  7. mikehoff890

    Latest Announcement + VIDEO

  8. mikehoff890

    Latest Announcement + VIDEO

    yeah so you guys said 11 right? so its passed 11 its like 12 so are we getting it today or?
  9. mikehoff890

    Progress Update 17 - Brrr!

    nice looking good
  10. mikehoff890

    Progress Update 16 - Game Improvements

    sorry doesnt work like that not even the devs know the answer to that question *sigh* wish they did
  11. yea yea what ever they shown an honest try at the game so i'm with them but i want to keep seeing trys you know? like a math teacher i dont care if it takes longer just let us know whats happening
  12. you know what thanks werid hearing it form me huh? but thanks i just love to see progress and yeah awesome work
  13. mikehoff890

    Latest Announcement + VIDEO

    ok now this i can get behide not only did they read what we put they acted on . good job devs you won back some on my respect and trust
  14. mikehoff890

    Here's to the 4 or 5th Time Delay

    my my how the tabbles how turned on me huh now i'm the one with such despair
  15. mikehoff890

    Here's to the 4 or 5th Time Delay

    i hope you know cant take you serious with that stupid fuckin profile pic