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  1. Andi

    Supreme Edition

    ok thank you
  2. Andi

    Supreme Edition

    is it possible to upgrade from the first infected edition to the supreme edition (with 24$) ?
  3. they have to fix the bug when the ghouls have 0 respawns if a survivor get killed he cant respawj as ghoul so it never ends
  4. Andi

    Hello Survivors & Ghouls!

    its such a nice game already if you fix it and release it on steam more players will come
  5. Andi


    EDIT : if the ghouls dont have no respawns the survivor who dies cant spawn as ghoul and the game never ends
  6. Andi


    the game is nice if you can play but some points need to be changed 1. Ghouls should spawn after a period of time so that the survivors can find weapons and find a place to hide [maybe 30 seconds] 2. Ghouls shouldnt have a spawnlimit or much more 3. Teamkill should be off on the ghoul side because its annoying if you get a troll ghoul on your team that teamkills you and you have no respawns 4. muuuuuch more ammo you run out of ammo so fast 5. ghoul leader should have more health and or more damage
  7. Andi

    More Ammo

    yea pls more ammo
  8. wtf is your problem i hope that was sarcastic
  9. Andi

    Progress Update 17 - Brrr!

    nice update hyped for 9 feb :D