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A Few Suggestions For Current Gameplay

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Hello, I've been playing and I have a few ideas to get the overall Game flow to feel a bit better.

First I feel like 20 minutes is a bit too long, I feel like 15-12 minutes would most likely see a bit of a higher survivor win percentage. With only 11 survivors every minute that passes by is a lot more dangerous as the zombies learn. So far on average I have almost never seen survivors live below the 8 min mark. usually everyone is dead before the 10 minute mark even hits.

Second to make the gameplay feel a bit more balanced I think that the Regular ghouls should only have 150 Health, but of course to counteract this nerf then we would need to increase the number of Ghoul Respawns by whatever percentage seems balanced. I think this would fix a bit of the waiting and doing nothing aspect that happens as you can expect for ghouls to attack you a bit more as they now have a bigger spawn reserve. Also This way at the beginning unless its the ghoul leader you have a bit of a higher chance to survive and get to a barricaded room.


These are just some ideas i have to make the game flow a bit better. Let me know what you think! :)


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they have to fix the bug when the ghouls have 0 respawns if a survivor get killed he cant respawj as ghoul so it never ends

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