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DEAD DOZEN Co-op, Free Weekend, 8 New Languages

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Hey Survivors!

Big events are here! First of all, DEAD DOZEN Escape is out now!

In DEAD DOZEN Escape you have to beat the various challenges and defeat AI-controlled enemies alone or with a few friends in your quest to escape from the depths of the mysterious pyramid in the heart of Siberia.

Get ready for fun on a Free Weekend!
This Thursday, April 19, starts a Free Weekend on Steam. An influx of survivors is expected!
So, be sure to tell your uninfected friends. Don’t miss the chance!

But that’s not all! We’ve also made sure to celebrate this event with a huge 50% off sale. It’s the perfect time to buy during this limited time offer.

April 19-21 PT.

April 19-22 PT.

The new DEAD DOZEN includes new languages (thanks to volunteers): 
• French - Jared223
• Japanese - Semapho
• German - Gordon Freeman
• Sweden - Scribble Play
• Spanish - Haudum
• Bulgarian - Atanas Xristov
• Chinese
• Russian

* Damage to the head is increased by 33%
* Now the jump will take 2 times less stamina when playing as a Ghoul or Rover

Improvements and fixes:
* Connection stability fixes
* Added a leaderboard
* Updated flashlight and added the ability to change its button
* Now Survivors with 120 HP will not survive a fall from a great height
* Fixed incorrect calculation of the weight of ammo after picking it up
* Fixed the possibility to sprint when you are sitting
* Fixed an incorrect display of the head of the ghoul after his death
* Added credits
* Some small UI fixes and improvements

We really hope that you will enjoy the game. 
Your support is worth more than gold, guys!

If you’re enjoying the game - please don’t hesitate to give us a positive review. In this way, you give us the strength to continue to develop the game! Thank you!

Best regards,
Fntastic Team

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